The brand RONNEL was founded in 2012 and has already conquered the hearts of hats lovers from all over the world by its amazing quality and stylish designs.

Amongst our clients you can find famous actors, models and even politicians. The secret of such a success is in the thinnest straw – “Toquilla”.

We began designing and promoting our straw hats in Ecuador and then we decided to open a branch in Moscow and introduce local hat lovers to the genuine straw hats from Ecuador.

We are exporting to a lot of countries, including Germany, France, Spain, UAE, Canada, USA, Chile, Switzerland, Japan, and now are sold in Russia and Belarus.

RONNEL’s clientele spans across the ages appealing to teenagers and hipsters with bright colours such as fuchsia, yellow, blue and lilac to a more mature clientele that prefer lighter and natural shades but nonetheless will dare to wear one of RONNEL’s stylish bold and colourful hats.

Not surprisingly, hat lovers have given an impressive welcoming to these 100% handmade Ecuadorian hats. “Our clientele prefer RONNEL hats for their quality, elegance and design. The legend of the straw hat is naturally associated with an sophisticated and refined lifestyle which is very appealing to our customers.”

The hats which we present are normally 12 locks per inch, sometimes 35 locks per inch. Hence, the thinner lock is chosen - the more expensive a hat will be.

The secret of such a success is in the thinnest straw – “Toquillia”. In December 2012 during the committee session in Paris, UNESCO recognized weaving of Ecuadorian hats from Toquilla straw as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity. RONNEL Straw Hat is a hand-made product, created without any chemicals or machine equipment

Nelson Fidel Cevallos

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Ronnel Showroom

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Guayaquil, Cdla. La Joya etp. Opalo mz. 8 sl.28

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Telf.: +7 (967) 019 53 33