RONNEL: 104 Years of History   


In the XX century in Ecuador, a Tabacundeño merchant José Cevallos,
took the hat business through towns and cities of the country and beyond;
through Central America and the Antilles, advancing to the United States;
New York, San Jose de Costa Rica, Havana, Panama,
those who returned to the land with silver and riches of the customs,
to modify the environment and saturate it with better days. Actually,
Tabacundo began to live comfortably and slackly.
(Taken from the books of the Museo de Mama Nati)


Now grandchildren Cevallos family
successfully continue this business.

The RONNEL brand was founded in 2012 and has already managed
to conquer countries like Germany, France, Spain, UAE, Canada,
 USA, Chile, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Russia and Belarus.

The secret of such a success is in the thinnest straw – “Toquillia”.
RONNEL Straw Hat is a hand-made product, created without any
chemicals or machine equipment.

We specialize in manufacturing hand crafted toquilla straw hats,
world famous as Panama Hats.
Working together with the artisan community, we nourish its tradition,

focusing on quality, social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

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All Rights Reserved.

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